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April 13 - 15, 2007
(Bark Lake Leadership Centre, Haliburton, ON)


   Updated: January 30, 2007


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Information for Presenters

We are taking a slight departure from our symposium formats of the last three years.  Previously, our learning sessions have been operated entirely under the Virtual Space concept.  This year we have adopted what I'm calling Enhanced Virtual Space.  Under the new format, we are inviting specific industry leaders to present sessions during the symposium.  These sessions will be announced ahead of time as Prepared Presentation sessions.  The invited presenters will also be welcome to participate in (or lead) regular Virtual Space sessions.

Note that any other registered person may also announce a prepared presentation ahead of time, as in past years.

Invited presenters will be given a choice from four 2-hour time slots for their topic.  All other sessions are 1-hour time slots, however presenters may book two slots if required.

Topic:  The final choice of presentation topic is entirely up to the presenter.

We cater to a very diverse experiential crowd.  Over the past three years we have had school teachers, corporate trainers, social workers, university leadership co-ordinators, contract facilitators, camp staff, and more.  Experience levels have ranged from relative newcomers to over 30 years of experience.  This year, we expect similar diversity, but we are also targeting to attract more practitioners from the corporate EE training sector, and more highly experienced practitioners.

Please send us the title and a brief description of your topic by Wednesday, February 15, 2006, along with a bio and digital photo of yourself if you have one.  Let us know of any specific A/V needs you may have and we will attempt to fill them.

Here's where to send your workshop information.

How we create workshops

Our symposium operates in a very powerful format called Virtual Space, where many of the workshops and sessions are not announced ahead of time - because we don't know what the final list of sessions will be.  This format, while having its own very definite structure, allows for the flexibility of sessions being created by participants, either ahead of time or in the moment as needed.  You don't have to present anything if you don't want to - there are plenty of practitioners who will take on that role.  Trust the processIt works.

Looking at previous samples of sessions from CEEPS might give you an idea of other kinds of topics we have covered in the past, but we don't presume to know the learning needs of our participants ahead of time for this year.  If you have a particular interest, you simply request a session and one will be created for you.

Why did practitioners attend last year?

Here are some of the interests expressed by those registered for 2005:


I am interested in learning more about what teachers need out of a field trip provider. - Youth Program Director


Networking, new program ideas, see what's happening in the industry. - Manager, Corporate Learning Organization


Would love to get more information on measuring effectiveness. - Industry-based OD Specialist


I would like to see workshops on the following: journal writing, knitting, green living. - Secondary School Teacher


We are working heavily on creating/revising risk management documents and procedures, which could be a helpful topic for us.  Finding new and creative ways to transfer learning back to campus/real life would also be an interesting discussion. - College Outdoor Ed. Program


We are always interested in hearing the best practices and ideas other programs have in terms of food menu items for extended trips and equipment. - College Outdoor Ed. Program


Marketing Experiential Programs; Incorporating experiential education with formal education. - University Continuing Education Coordinator


I hope to gain some new ideas of specific nature-related activities/games for various age groups; ways of demonstrating certain ecological/other concepts in ways that various ages can relate to, and in ways that are entertaining and exciting.  Also to hear about specific programs that are successful and walk us through examples of what is covered & how, etc.  Hope to make some new contacts with others in the field of Environmental Education to facilitate future sharing of info./partnerships. - Zoo Program Coordinator


I hope to connect with other educators & exchange ideas about experiential/hands-on interpretation/education. Get an idea of what other people in areas other than zoo education are doing & brainstorm on effective ways to use our unique organizations to educate our participants. Also to gain some momentum & energy & inspiration! Topics I am interested in: PRACTICAL examples of successful activities/programs; using nature/outdoor locations to educate - new ideas & theories, successes & failures; effective learning (educating for ACTION vs. just to know things). - Coordinator of Volunteers


1. To increase my knowledge & networking with other experiential educators; 2. Interested in attending any meditation &/or drumming sessions. - School Board Environmental Educator

Do you have more questions about the workshops that might be presented?

Do you think you might want to present one or lead a discussion?

Check out our Frequently Asked Workshop Questions!


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