CEEPS Conference

April 13 - 15, 2007
(Bark Lake Leadership Centre, Haliburton, ON)


   Updated: January 30, 2007

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CEEPS Registration Information

The conference fee is just $300 per person!  (The down side of being a Canadian conference is that we have to add on $18 GST.)  You can register now, using our on-line registration form.

The $318 is ALL INCLUSIVE.  It covers...


2 nights double accommodation


All 6 meals - you will eat well!


All workshops and recreation


Conference administrative costs


We think that $300 is a great deal and a superb investment in your personal growth.  However we also realize that different sectors of our industry reflect different income levels.  The fee doesn't include travel, which could be significant for some Canadians.  Since the value that we all receive goes up with each additional attendee, we offer even more incentives to attend...

Early Bird Registration - $50 off!

Register and pay your conference fee in full before March 9, 2007 and you'll save $50!  ($250 + GST)

Alumnae Registration - $40 off!

Attendees of any previous CEEPS conference can register and save $40!  ($260 + GST)

Early Bird Alumnae Registration - $60 off!

NEW THIS YEAR! - Attendees of any previous CEEPS conference who register and pay their conference fee in full before March 9, 2007 will save $60!  ($240 + GST)

Student Registration - $90 off!

If you are under 25 years of age, you can register and save $90!  ($210 + GST)  Note that the CEEPS conference is approved by Laurentian University as satisfying the conference graduation requirement for ADVL students.

Out-of-province Attendee - $110 off!

Canada is a big country, and we want to recognize those practitioners who live some distance from our two venues, and help any way we can with travel costs.  If you don't live in Ontario, can you really afford to turn down a $190 (+ GST) conference fee that includes accommodation and meals?  Come on and join us - this is the professional development opportunity you've been waiting for!


Registering and Paying your Fee

There are three registration options:  Email, Canada Post, and Fax.  The on-line registration form shows all of the information that we require to register you.  If you fill it out on-line and click the Submit button, the system will email your registration data to us.  You have the option of paying immediately (by PayPal) or mailing us a cheque.  (PayPal accepts credit cards and other forms of payment!)

Please make any cheques payable to "intellact".  Our mailing address is:

CEEPS Registration
c/o intellact
57 Mary Street
Alton, ON   L7K 0E3

If you have a question, our telephone number is:   (416) 907-2076
NOTE that we can not take registrations over the phone.

Our fax number is temporarily the same as our regular line.  Please call ahead if you want to send a fax to:   (416) 907-2076

Refund Policy

Refunds due to any cancelled events will be 100%.  All other refund requests must be made in writing.

Prior to March 9: 90% refundable
Prior to April 14: 50% refundable
After April 14: 0% refundable

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