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Usually, it is the Town Crier that is reading the news to others, but occasionally, the Town Crier IS the news!

bullet Caledon's Tricorn Hat Trick for Humour, Caledon Citizen, June 6, 2019
Andrew Welch was awarded Ontarioís Most Humourous Town Crier for the third straight time.  As defending champion from 2018, he also walked off with an overall second place finish for this year - a result that heís more than happy with.  Read article
bullet Caledon crier best in Ontario, Caledon Citizen, August 9, 2018
Oyez! Oh yay! He did it again! On July 28, the Official Town Crier of Caledon was declared the 2018 Provincial Champion by the Ontario Guild of Town Criers.  This is the second time that Andrew Welch has been declared the overall winner of the prestigious annual Ontario Provincial Town Crier Competition, and also the second time that he has been awarded the Dave Thomson Memorial Trophy for Most Humourous Cry.  Read article
bullet Town crier Andrew Welch declared provincial champion, Wellington Advertiser, August 9, 2018
Hereís something to shout about ... on July 28, Erinís official town crier was declared the 2018 provincial champion by the Ontario Guild of Town Criers.  This is the second time that Andrew Welch has been declared the overall winner of the prestigious annual Ontario Provincial Town Crier Competition, and also the second time that he has been awarded the Dave Thomson Memorial Trophy for Most Humourous Cry.  Read article
bullet Town criers crank up the volume,, July 31, 2018
Andrew Welch delivers his cry at the Ontario Guild of Town Criers Provincial Championships in Stella on Amherst Island on Saturday, July 28, 2018.  Amherst islanders were asked to lend their ears to more than a dozen town criers who descended on the sleepy village of Stella for the Ontario Guild of Town Criers Provincial Championship on the weekend.  Read article
bullet Caledonís Town Crier brings home gold, Caledon Citizen, June 22, 2017
The Town of Caledon was once again represented at the Ontario Provincial Town Crier Championships, held over the weekend in Markham, by defending champion Andrew Welch.  Welch was not able to repeat his overall win, but still brought home the gold medal for one of the three competition proclamations, and was also awarded the Dave Thomson Memorial Trophy for Most Humourous Cry of the weekend-long competition.  Read article
bullet Erin Town Crier wins provincial championships, Wellington Advertiser, June 10, 2016
Erinís official town crier Andrew Welch was declared the overall winner of the recent town crier provincial championships.  The Ontario Guild of Town Criers held its annual provincial championships on May 21 and 22 as a signature event of the 200th anniversary celebrations of Perth, in Lanark County.  Read article
bullet Caledon's Town Crier Andrew Welch takes first place, Caledon Citizen, May 27, 2016
The Official Town Crier of Caledon was declared overall winner of last weekendís Provincial Championships, run by the Ontario Guild of Town Criers.  Andrew Welch, who was appointed Town Crier by Caledon council in 2011, edged out both the current world champion and last yearís provincial winner by very small margins to take the win.  Read article
bullet So, what does it take to be a Town Crier?, Caledon Enterprise, May 2, 2015
Saturday morning, a town crier stood on the steps of a hospital in London and proclaimed that the Duchess of Cambridge had given birth.  We asked Andrew Welch, Caledon's crier, what it takes to be the loudest voice in town.  Read article
bullet Accolades received for Caledon's Town Crier, Caledon Citizen, September 11, 2013
Caledonís Town Crier Andrew Welch is not only busy representing the Town ó heís successful too, with the hardware to prove it.  Welch recently won recognition as the ďBest Representative of Their Town and CommunityĒ at the International Town Criers Contest, which was held early last month in Kingston.  It was while Welch was being recognized for that accomplishment by Caledon council that he announced he took part in the Marshville Heritage Festival Town Crier Competition in Wainfleet Sept. 1.  He won top prize there and was presented with what he said is the worldís largest Town Crier trophy.  Read article
bullet Town Crier has talent for community service, The Erin Advocate, February 12, 2014
Andrew Welch is a man of many green hats, not just the large ceremonial one he wears when playing the part of Erinís Town Crier.  His interest in environmental issues has led to involvement with Transition Erin (even though he lives in Alton), using his experience as a corporate facilitator to help bring together a collection of working groups.  Read article
bullet Ingersollís Harvest Fest boasts oldest town crier competition in North America, Woodstock Sentinel Review, August 26, 2013
The Town Crier competition has been a fixture at Ingersoll's Harvest Festival for the past 18 years.  In fact, the competition, which ran last weekend during the annual Harvest Fest event, is the longest running in North America, Ingersoll's veteran Town Crier Doug Turvey said.  Alongside a good crop of other Harvest Fest activities at the Cheese and Agricultural Museum, including antique displays and a threshing competition, Turvey and a handful of other Town Crier Guild members from across Ontario attracted quite the audience Saturday afternoon as they competed for the title of best town crier.  Competitors, Turvey said, came from Petrolia, Burlington, Oshawa and Caledon.  Read article (and see 2nd photo of 3)
bullet World Invitational Town Crier Competition Winners Announced, Kingston Herald, August 7, 2013
It was an exciting 5 days of fun and competition for town criers from all over the world here in Kingston this past long weekend.  The criers, who came from Canada, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Belgium and Holland, took the stage in 3 competitive cries.  Read article
bullet They laughed, they cried ... oh did they cry, Kingston Whig-Standard, August 6, 2013
See photo 6 of 18.  (Andrew was awarded "Best Ambassador" at the World Invitational Town Crier Championships.)  Read article
bullet Town criers put on their best for international event in Kingston, Kingston Whig-Standard, August 2, 2013
See video.  (Andrew was awarded "Best Ambassador" at the World Invitational Town Crier Championships.)  Read article
bullet Sesqui-sational: Orangeville celebrates its 150th, Orangeville Banner, July 9, 2013
Another front page photo for the town crier!  Read article
bullet Town Crier Andrew Welch opens the celebration at 2 year countdown to Pan Am Games at CEP., Twitter, July 10, 2013  See tweet & photo
bullet News... delivered the old fashioned way, Country Routes, March, 2013
The town crier appeared on the front page and page 3 of this rural newspaper, with an article by Joan Murray spanning several pages.
bullet Christmas campaign launched for East Wellington Community Services, Caledon Enterprise, December 14, 2012
East Wellington Community Services (EWCS) is looking for a little extra support this holiday season.  On Dec. 5, Erin Town Crier Andrew Welch bid welcome to those attending the launch of the EWCS Christmas Fundraising Campaign...  Read article
bullet Oh Ye! Oh Ye! Town Crier wants more work, Caledon Enterprise, November 19, 2012
Caledonís Town Crier Andrew Welch delegated council on Nov. 13 to summarize a year of activity, and inactivity.  According to the dedicated crier, he has begun to make some noise...  Read article
bullet Town crier appointed by Erin councillors, The Wellington Advertiser, March 30, 2012
With the ringing of a bell and a hearty ďHear Ye, Hear Ye,Ē Erin council started off with the sounds of town crier Andrew Welch.  Read article
bullet Town Crier appointed, Caledon Enterprise, September 29, 2011
Caledonís councillors adopted a motion on Tuesday to appoint Andrew Welch as the official town crier for the Town of Caledon.  Welchís term as crier will end in November 2014, at the end of term for this council.  Read article
bullet Caledon appoints Town Crier, Caledon Citizen, September 29, 2011
Alton resident Andrew Welch has officially assumed the position as Caledonís Town Crier.  Town councillors Tuesday approved his appointment, and he is to occupy the position until the end of the current term of council, in the fall of 2014.  Read article
bullet The man who would be Caledon's town crier, SouthFields Village Voice, Spring 2011
When Ms. Betty Kading was appointed Orangeville's Town Crier, in 2008, Andrew Welch's interest was peaked.  Three years later, he's going for it...   Read article (on page 30)
bullet Fun at Alton Mill, Caledon Citizen, January 27, 2011
A Town Crier will add to the atmosphere of such an event. Andrew Welch performed the duty when he wasnít reading fireside storiers...   Read article


Amateur video rarely catches Town Criers at their best - that's the fickle finger of fate!  Still, even though the live performance is always better, we'll share these videos since they are out there...

town crier video Induction of actor Johnny Wayne to the Caledon Walk of Fame, 2019

In 2019, Canadian actor Johnny Wayne (of the famous Wayne and Shuster duo) was inducted on to the Caledon Walk of Fame.  This 5-minute opening proclamation is jam-packed with references to the most beloved Wayne and Shuster sketches.  Can you find them all?

town crier video Town of Caledon Bandwagon Tour, 2021

After the pandemic lockdown, Caledon promotes local businesses in a unique way.  This is the teaser for the full video.

town crier video Celebrating the connection of the Trans Canada Trail, 2017

The first pavillion for the world-record Trans Canada Trail was in Caledon, Ontario!  This video celebrates the official connection of the trail in Canada's 150th year of confederation.  Obviously one highlight of that celebration for this contributing videographer was the work of the Town Crier!

town crier video An Ice Bucket Challenge with a difference, 2014

It was bound to happen sooner or later.  The local MPP challenged the Caledon Town Crier to an Ice Bucket Challenge.  This one was different for a number of reasons.  Firstly, it was done at the publication launch of my debut book The Value Crisis.  Secondly, it not only raised the resquisite $10 for ALS - it also raised over $600 for Breast Cancer Research.  Watch the video to learn how this was done and who was challenged next...!  (The lighting at 9pm was a challenge, but I like the feel of the old black & white image - thanks Carla Cormack and Aaron Sheedy!)

town crier video Andrew's 3rd cry at the World Invitational Town Crier Championship, 2013

Okay, this is a good one.  I was very pleased with this humourous cry.  My thanks to the person who posted this - I'm thrilled to have a copy!  By the way, according to my Town Crier Log, this happens to be just my 100th career proclamation.

town crier video Andrew's 2nd cry at the World Invitational Town Crier Championship, 2013

I was not as happy with this cry.  Too much 'yelling' and an overly slanted political outlook, even though it was a cry about a politician.  While it might come across as a rant against the current government, all of the issues mentioned were indeed concerns of Sir John A. Macdonald.  I like the last line!

town crier video Promotional Video for Town of Erin, 2012

The videographer snagged me right after leading the Santa Claus parade and asked me to read an intro and closing for their video.

town crier video Town Crier Provincial Championships in Brampton, 2011

Not my best cry, being a simple benchmark cry only hours after multiple full-out proclamations on the streets of Bolton, but what can ya do...?

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