CEEPS 2003 Report

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April 25-27, 2003
(Bark Lake Leadership Centre, Haliburton, ON)

April 17, 2006

Benefit Concert


CEEPS 2003 Post-conference Report

The Canadian Experiential Education Practitioners Symposium (CEEPS) 2003 took place on April 25-27 at the Bark Lake Leadership Centre.  It was a great success in its first year – everything we had hoped for and more!

Bill Templeman confessing sins and sharing best practices

The Virtual Space format worked extremely well, the weather was absolutely fantastic, and the "right people" were there!

Our long distance award goes to Don Ingram, who flew from Halifax, Nova Scotia to participate.

Congratulations to Catherine Kurucz, who (by random selection) won a free registration to CEEPS 2004, including food and accommodation.

We had great industry sector diversity.  Organizations represented included:


Corporate trainers






Outdoor Education Sites


School Boards


Contract Facilitators


Therapeutic Practitioners

Sheryl Loucks from the Haliburton Echo newspaper spent Saturday following the proceedings - we look forward to reading her article.

The rest of this report includes descriptions of some of the sessions delivered, a word on our guest speaker and the benefit concert, some participant comments, and plans for CEEPS 2004.  There are also more photos scattered around the web site.

Enough backward glances – time to start planning for next year and CEEPS 2004!  Thanks to all of the participants who took a chance on a new concept and came away rewarded.  They are this industry’s future.

Most of the CEEPS 2003 attendees
(Sorry to those few we missed for our 2003 group photo)

Finally, this report would not be complete without a special “thank you” to my biggest supporters – the ones that helped make CEEPS a reality: Belinda Clemmensen and Aaron Sheedy – true professionals and great friends in every sense of the words.  I am truly blessed.


Respectfully submitted,

Andrew Welch
CEEPS Champion

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