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Welcome to the web presence of Andrew Welch.  Andrew formerly operated a consulting practice under the Intellact name, however that practice now operates as intallact.  (Read more about the name change.)  All consulting and IT services formerly offered under the intellact banner are now available as intallact.

This personal project site is devoted to the many and diverse non-commercial projects that Andrew Welch is involved with.  Although the Intellact moniker is no longer used for commercial consulting work, he remains commited to the spirit of the original meaning of the word (as he created it):

in· tel·lact´   v.  to both create and implement exciting solutions, with intelligence, diversity, and dedication {from intelligence + action; intellect}

Andrew is involved in a wide variety of projects.  For more information, head to the appropriate link from his graphical project web:

intellact web

The major links from that project web are:

SPEAKING - A summary of Andrew Welch's recent speaking engagements

WRITING - A link to Andrew Welch's major writing project - The Value Crisis

CONSULTING - Information on Andrew Welch's professional consulting work

ANDREW WELCH - Andrew Welch's curriculum vitae

INTELLACT - This page

DOING - News of what Andrew Welch is (and has been) doing

PLAYING - Andrew Welch's theatre project page - what he's playing at

CREATING - A summary of what Andrew Welch is creating and has created

BEING - A list of web presence links for Andrew Welch

(It goes without saying that Andrew Welch is not, has never been, and will very likely never be associated with Intel corporation, but I'll say it any way.)

Contact Information

On demand - call above number for fax arrangements
Located in Alton, Ontario, (between Caledon & Orangeville), just north of Toronto, Canada
Postal address: 
57 Mary Street, Alton, Ontario, L7K 0E3, Canada
Electronic mail: 

Intellact web

Andrew Welch is Intellact.
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