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Recent Media Coverage

bullet Andrew Welch selected as Author of the Month, Caledon Public Library, April, 2015
Andrew Welch has been selected by the Caledon Public Library as their Read Local Caledon showcase author for April 2015.  Read more details
bullet Global climate and economic crises really a crisis in values, author says at Guelph Resilience Festival, Guelph Mercury (front page), March 30, 2015
Andrew Welch doesn't deny there's a crisis.  He just has another way of looking at the crisis.  And in doing so, he hopes to find a different set of answers.  Read article
bullet Andrew Welch to speak at Guelph Resilience Festival, Saturday, March 28, 2015 (2-4pm), St. Georges Church, Guelph, Ontario
The Value Crisis – Four things that keep us from action  Climate change, energy crisis, economic meltdown – we all know what disasters seem to be unavoidably lurking in our future.  Local resilience is a good start as a protective measure, but why don’t we do more?  What is holding back our governments?  Why are so many of us unable to take real effective action against these looming crises?  Andrew Welch presents a new theory, based on his recently published book, that offers answers to these questions: four reasons why things aren’t happening that should be – and what we can do to change that, thereby unleashing our awesome problem-solving powers.  Get more details
bullet The first published review for The Value Crisis, Tapestry Magazine, King Township, Winter 2015
Andrew Welch voices the concern – and examines the causes - that many of us have but cannot articulate as well as he does: that human values everywhere are decaying at an alarming rate. [...] This is a thought-provoking book that you should read, act upon, and share.  Read full review
bullet Andrew Welch’s new book explores today’s conundrums, Caledon Citizen, September 18, 2014
Caledon resident Andrew Welch will be officially launching his book, entitled The Value Crisis – From Dollars to Democracy, Why Numbers are Ruining Our World at Alton Mill Arts Centre tomorrow (Friday) at 7 p.m.  Read article
bullet Oh Ye! Oh Ye! Town Crier wants more work, Caledon Enterprise, November 19, 2012
Caledon’s Town Crier Andrew Welch delegated council on Nov. 13 to summarize a year of activity, and inactivity.  According to the dedicated crier, he has begun to make some noise...  Read article
bullet Town crier appointed by Erin councillors, The Wellington Advertiser, March 30, 2012
With the ringing of a bell and a hearty “Hear Ye, Hear Ye,” Erin council started off with the sounds of town crier Andrew Welch.  Read article
bullet Town Crier appointed, Caledon Enterprise, September 29, 2011
Caledon’s councillors adopted a motion on Tuesday to appoint Andrew Welch as the official town crier for the Town of Caledon.  Welch’s term as crier will end in November 2014, at the end of term for this council.  Read article
bullet Caledon appoints Town Crier, Caledon Citizen, September 29, 2011
Alton resident Andrew Welch has officially assumed the position as Caledon’s Town Crier.  Town councillors Tuesday approved his appointment, and he is to occupy the position until the end of the current term of council, in the fall of 2014.  Read article
bullet Outlaw on stage, Orangeville Banner, August 17, 2012
(Tale of Robin Hood hits the stage Aug. 26 to 28)  Theatre Orangeville’s Young Company will highlight current social problems through the telling of a classic tale.  The troupe is preparing to perform The Outlaw Robin Hood — an action-packed play with a socially conscious subtext.  “It is an adventure tale, but it is also a tale with a message,” director Andrew Welch said.  Read article
bullet The man who would be Caledon's town crier, SouthFields Village Voice, Spring 2011
When Ms. Betty Kading was appointed Orangeville's Town Crier, in 2008, Andrew Welch's interest was peaked.  Three years later, he's going for it...   Read article (on page 30)
bullet Fun at Alton Mill, Caledon Citizen, January 27, 2011
A Town Crier will add to the atmosphere of such an event. Andrew Welch performed the duty when he wasn’t reading fireside storiers...   Read article
bullet Young company scours seas for bountiful adventures, Orangeville Banner, August 18, 2010
Never trust ye matey when there is gold for the taking, especially when the adventure involves bands of pirates, dangerous sword fights, opinionated parrots and even dancing mice.  That is the story Theatre Orangeville’s Young Company Drama troupe will tell in its adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel, Treasure Island, showing from Friday (Aug. 27) to Sunday (Aug. 29).  Under the direction of Andrew Welch, the script...   Read article
bullet Performers offer ‘Payback’ for Earth Day, Caledon Citizen, April 29, 2010
A group of performers gathered at Christ Church in Bolton last Thursday to mark Earth Day.  Proceeds from the event went to support the work of the Caledon Green T Environmental Awareness (TEA) group.  Read article
bullet First it was Earth Hour, now Earth Day is upon us, Caledon Enterprise, April 15, 2010
Forty years ago this month, humanity celebrated the very first Earth Day.  It was, for most of us, the dawning on our consciousness of the connection between the two – Earth and the human species.  Read article
bullet Atwood readings and entertainment at Claude church will mark Earth Day, Caledon Enterprise, April 17, 2009
Earth Day 2009 (imagine a drum roll here and a cymbal crash).  We could just let it go by like any other of the 364 days OR we could, with our families, make it memorable and meaningful.  And without much planning or effort on our part.  April 22, international Earth Day, will be marked in Caledon this year in a unique manner, thanks to the imagination and commitment of Caledon author and performer, Andrew Welch.  Read article
bullet Giving payback on Earth Day - Margaret Atwood’s Massey lectures focus of local environmental event set for April 22 in Caledon, Orangeville Banner, April 6, 2009
When Earth Day rolls around on April 22, many people will be marking the event by picking up trash in neighbourhood parks or planting trees.  But Andrew Welch has a different plan.  Read article
bullet Caledon Townhall Players donate scripts to library, Caledon Citizen, Feb. 19, 2009
The Caledon Public Library recently announced the addition of theatre scripts to its collection, through a donation from the Caledon TownHall Players (CTHP).  CTHP, an amateur community theatre group that has been producing live theatre in the old Caledon Township Hall since 1962, has contributed close to 100 theatre scripts that they previously used or owned.  Read article
bullet Green Tea speaker series will continue next week, Caledon Citizen, Feb. 5, 2009
Alton's Andrew Welch wears many hats, from actor to mountain climber to software creator to management consultant and more.  However he is most widely known for WattPlot, a software product sold around the globe for monitoring renewable energy systems.  Read article
bullet Super Guy, SideRoads of Caledon & Erin, Dec. 1, 2008
Alton resident Andrew Welch is surely a Renaissance man, maybe even a superman.  With talents as a take charge environmentalist, businessman, actor, musician, facilitator, IT specialist, writer and mountain climber, Welch sees the big picture in everything he does, a talent, which is having an impact right here in Caledon.  Read article
bullet Andrew Welch'80, HGS Alumni Announcements, Winter 2008
Visiting from Ontario, Andrew Welch’80 brought his many and varied talents to Grammar this past week, becoming an integral part of Grammar Fest events.  Having agreed to be a ‘Great Debater’, Andrew took the role of Prime Minister with partner Steven Laffoley to argue for lowering the voting age.  Immediately following, he changed hats, literally, to play Clark Davey of the Globe and Mail in the Headmaster’s re-enactment of the Cuban Missile Crisis.  On Friday, Andrew then met with Andrew Gillis’s Drama students to give them the benefit of his life experiences in theatre, consulting and IT.  Read article
bullet Traditional pub caroling coming to town, Brampton Guardian, Nov. 24, 2008
It's not unusual for a crowd to stand shoulder-to-shoulder to experience the old English folk tradition of pub caroling- especially when it's the Orange Peel Carolers performing.  Read article
bullet Cuban Missle Crisis Re-enactment: The Chief Lives!, HGS Newsletter, Nov. 21, 2008
During last Thursday night's open house, headmaster Paul Bennett led one of his famed historical re-enactments on the subject of the Cuban Missile Crisis. The dramatic presentation was a great success, and it was clear that everyone, especially Dr. Bennett, worked hard to make the simulation go off as a hit.  Read article
bullet Great Debates at GrammarFest, HGS Newsletter, Nov. 21, 2008
Andrew Welch’80, Steven Laffoley’84, David Finlayson’93 and Adam Conter’01 squared off on ‘This house would reduce the voting age to 16’ with the Welch/Laffoley team as the government and Finlayson/Conter on the opposition.  Read article
bullet Players raise money for humane society, Orangeville Citizen, Oct. 16, 2008
Alton's Andrew Welch's lighting creates wonderful spaces for the action and Orangeville's Rick Swartzl's musical choices add depth to the scenes.  This is a must-see play not only for the excellence of the production, but also for the clever commentary on life and love in the middle years.   Read article
bullet Community theatre has much to offer, Orangeville Banner, February 29, 2008
When Earth Day rolls around on April 22, many people will be marking the event by picking up trash in neighbourhood parks or planting trees.  But Andrew Welch has a different plan.  Read article
bullet Andrew Welch and the Claude Fiddle Club at Claude Church,, Dec. 16, 2007
Storytelling and fiddle music go well together.  At Claude Church on Dec. 16 at 7 p.m., the Claude Fiddle Club will join forces with professional actor Andrew Welch, to present an evening's entertainment in support of the Caledon Community Services Food Bank.  Read article
bullet Storytelling and fiddle music at Claude Church, Orangeville Banner, Dec. 14, 2007
Storytelling and fiddle music go well together.  At Claude Church on Dec. 16 at 7 p.m., the Claude Fiddle Club will join forces with professional actor Andrew Welch, to present an evening's entertainment in support of the Caledon Community Services Food Bank.  Read article
bullet ElseWhen - 25 Years Ago in mathNEWS, mathNEWS, Oct. 29, 2006
Not a lot of preamble today.  I'll be looking at Volume 27, Number 3, originally published October 9, 1981.  Andrew P. Welch, MathSoc President, is proposing a new constitution which contains the radical idea: "[T]his is a constitution that puts someone on-campus at (get this folks) the SAME TIME as when they hold office."  Crazy.  Read article
bullet WattPlot - Wind and Solar Performance Monitoring Software, Free Wind News, July, 2006
I've seen a couple of other companies attempt to do this from but I really like the simplicity of the interface as Andrew showed me how it tracks and logs every second of performance of his LAKOTA-based hybrid system . . . Andrew's done a very nice job of making a good intuitive interface.  Read article
bullet “Risk? Risk!”© - A Model for Risk-taking by Andrew Welch, Pathways - The Ontario Journal of Outdoor Education, November, 2004
The outdoor and experiential education industries typically deal with two kinds of risk: the risk management inherent in running a safe program, and risk-taking as a learning goal. In creating programs that addressed the second of these topics - personal risk-taking - we at intellact had two objectives for our clients:  Read article

Andrew Writes His First Book

What started out in 2007 as a series of essays on money and value systems has grown.  I have now completed a book, entitled The Value Crisis - A Question of Currency. Here's the back page blurb:

Why does money measure so much of our daily lives?
Why does it seem so difficult for big business and industry to do 'the right thing'?
How did we get so far into the current environmental crisis?

"The Value Crisis" is a unique perspective on the inevitable conflict between scientific/corporate values (which are entirely number-driven) and human values (which evolved without numbers).  This is not a condemnation of one system or the other; rather it is a discovery of how their often unacknowledged incompatibilities affect everything from our personal everyday choices to the global challenges facing our planet.

This book explores human needs and motivation, the history of money, and the role of value systems throughout our society.  Through socio-economic models, personal anecdotes, new theories, and provocative insights, Andrew Welch takes the reader on a thought-provoking and thoroughly readable journey towards a new comprehension of how we think and act as a species.

Andrew Returns to TheatreSports After 17 Years

In 1982, I was introduced to a performance format for competitive improvisation called TheatreSports.  The format was created by Keith Johnstone of Calgary, Alberta, and was sweeping the globe.  During work terms in Toronto, I was one of the principle founders of TheatreSports Toronto.  I played for a number of years, taught workshops, and also worked behind the scenes as Technical Director and in creating a constitution and policies.  At that time we had players like Bruce Hunter, "The Urchins of Menace" (Linda Kash, Rob Nickerson, Jenny Parsons, Cameron Brown, Enio Masherin), and Mike Myers.  Even "The Kids in the Hall" and "The Frantics" were TheatreSports teams.  Eventually, folks moved on, as did I, but the organization continued a roller coaster ride of popularity.

In 2003, TheatreSports Toronto found a new home and renewed life at the Bad Dog Theatre on Danforth Avenue.  Since it was only a few blocks from my Toronto office, I decided to reacquaint myself.  I am happy to report that after a few refresher workshops, I got into the 'mainstage cast', and performed about 3 times a month.

Moving Plans Made - October 26, 2003

After 9 years at our current location, the Intellact offices will be moving to a fabulous new site in Caledon, Ontario in January 2004.

We still plan to maintain an office at 5 Selkirk Street, and will be renting out the remainder of that property.  Click here for a more personal slant on this news and to view more of this gorgeous property (pre-renovations!).

Conference News - August 1, 2003

Andrew Welch of Intellact has been asked to speak at the international Summit for Improv in Business.  Although they have not yet updated their on-line conference program (as of this news date), they did put up a bio for him, and we can tell you the topic that he will be presenting:

“Framing Improv as a True Experiential Learning Tool”

The application of corporate experiential education theory and methodologies to theatrical improvisation activities

We are all familiar with how improv can be fun and can help our clients be more creative, but what about the dark side of improv? When it gets scary, when people are vulnerable, when self-esteem is on the line? This session approaches improv from the world of adventure-based experiential education - you know, when the team climbs over walls or walks along cables 40' in the air. We apply specific corporate experiential education theories to theatrical improvisation activities, with an eye to safer, more focused, outcome-driven program design and delivery. We will also borrow proven facilitation techniques from the experiential education industry in order to enhance improv-based training programs.

Also, we are very close to setting the date of the next Canadian Experiential Education Practitioners Symposium (CEEPS 2004).  It will be returning to the Bark Lake Leadership Centre (Haliburton, Ontario) either April 16-18 or 23-25, 2004.  We will be announcing the confirmed dates soon.

We've Changed Our Name - May 1, 2003

After almost 20 years as "Caduceus", it is finally time to select a more fitting title.  "Caduceus Medical Software" was named after the winged staff with intertwined snakes - a popular symbol of medicine.  You can read all about the history of the name and the company on the old web site.

As of May 1st, 2003, we are now "Intellact" - the name officially registered with the Ontario government.  The names in common usage might be "Intellact Consulting" or "Intellact Canada", (especially since a Polish firm has already established a web presence under the Intellact name).

Having invented a name, we also created a definition:

in·tell´·act  v.  to both create and implement exciting solutions, with intelligence, diversity, and dedication

Note that the emphasis is on the second syllable.  We thought it fitting to make the word a verb, and have it describe precisely what we do.

We are very excited to finally have a proper web presence, and we have a lot of work to do to bring the web site up to the standards we set for ourselves.

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Andrew Welch is Intellact.
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