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Andrew Welch

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Andrew Welch
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Andrew Welch Andrew Welch Andrew Welch 
leading a plenary session on Persuasion

Senior Management Consultant

Andrew Welch is Intellact, and under this moniker he carries out a wide diversity of projects, primarily in the fields of facilitation and creative communication services.  He also manages a separate management consulting and software development practice under the intallact banner.  (Read why the distinction has to be made.)  Andrew founded the predecessor company in 1984, and currently offers Senior Management Consultant services.  He has also conducted corporate training since 1981, specializing in adventure and experience-based development.

Andrew has an extremely diverse background, as indicated by some of his affiliations and certifications listed below.  When working in the IT industry, he was in constant demand as a speaker, consultant, and columnist.  That experience, combined with a successful 30-year theatre career and an active travel history, led to a decade-long focus on experiential education, working mainly with corporate populations.  He now concentrates on writing, speaking, environmental issues, and other projects that interest him.


Affiliations and Certifications

Executive Boards
Board Member Ontario Guild of Town Criers 2013-2014
Founding Facilitator Transition Erin 2012-2016
Board Member Alton Village Association 2014-2015
Director Green T Environmental Awareness 2009-2011
Charity Board Member Orangeville GoGo Grannies 2010-2011
Artistic Director Caledon TownHall Players 2007-2009

Theatre / Television  (full resume)
Official Town Crier Towns of Caledon and Erin, Ontario 2011-2014
Young Company Director Theatre Orangeville 2010-2011
Stage Firearms Handling Firearms License - Possession Only (Prohibited Devices) 2001-2006
Apprentice Association of Canadian Television and Radio Artists (ACTRA) 1993-2003
Murder Mystery Actor Mysteriously Yours 1995-2002
Television Production and Direction Nova Scotia Institute of Technology 1978

Climbing and Outdoor Activities
"The Innovative Team" (3-day intensive) Leahy and Associates, Boulder, CO 2003
"Critical Skills for Safety" (3-day intensive) Leahy and Associates, Boulder, CO 2001
Intermediate Field Guide - Level 1 (South Africa) Drifters, Johannesburg, RSA 1999
Challenge Ropes Course Instructor - Level 2 Challenges Unlimited Inc. 1999
Member (Experience-Based Training & Development) Association for Experiential Education (AEE) 1998-99
Rig Rescue and Rappel - Level 1 Advanced Rescue Tech. School of Canada 1995
Intermediate Rockclimbing Australian School of Mountaineering (ASM) 1993

First Aid
Standard First Aid Certification, plus CPR Canadian Red Cross 2001-2011
Cardio-Pulmonary Resusitation (CPR) - Basic Rescuer Heart & Stroke Foundation 1976-2000
Wilderness First Aid Certification SOLO Wilderness Medicine 1999

Information Technology Certifications
WinLink-Based Software Developer Via Systems 1997
MultiValue Consulting Services Provider MultiValue Alliance (International Spectrum) 1995
Certificate of Computer Programming (CCP) - Scientific Institute for the Cert. of Computer Professionals (ICCP) 1984
BASIC Computer Programming Nova Scotia Institute of Technology 1976

CEEPS Founder and Champion Canadian Experiential Education Practitioners Symposium 2003-2006
Lead Facilitator/Ropes Course Manager Delta Synergy Group 1998-2007
Groom/Hippotherapy Assistant Community Assoc. for Riding for the Disabled (CARD) 1999-2002

For more information about Andrew, you are welcome to view his complete professional C.V. or visit his personal web site.

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